Crabstero is a simple Discord bot which generates sentences based on how users talk. It holds a different "personality" in each text channel, making it unique even if it is used across different servers. The sentences it generates are usually nonsense, making it a great bot to have nonversations with. Setup and Usage To set up Crabstero in your server, use the invite link above. It will automatically start learning from new messages and will be ready to use.

To use Crabstero, simply mention it anywhere in a message to receive a response with a new sentence.

Warning: Every word and image Crabstero uses is sourced from other users. As a result, Crabstero may output content which is considered rude or inappropriate. Server moderators should monitor Crabstero like a regular user. Permissions Crabstero uses the following permissions for the following purposes:Warning: Do not give Crabstero any privileged permissions, such as Administrator. It is not a moderation bot and will never have any moderation features. When inviting bots to your server, always follow the principle of least privilege to protect your server against compromised or rogue bots. Configuration Crabstero has no commands or settings. Instead, Crabstero is configured using Discord's permissions system. Use the permissions list above to tune Crabstero's behavior.

Example: To prevent Crabstero from responding to mentions in a certain channel, create a permission override in the channel which denies Crabstero's permission to create messages. Privacy When Crabstero generates a new sentence, it only uses information obtained from the same channel is it being mentioned in. Words are never shared between any text channels, even if they are in the same server.

When Crabstero learns from a message, it only saves the message's content, its embeds, and the text channel's ID number. No additional information is saved, including any information about the author.